Restoration Mission Statement:
To clearly show the complete restoration of Beechcraft 3N D18S CA-1 C-GTTA to and beyond Transport Canada's demanding standards for commercial aircraft.

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The Plan:

Phase 1: Research
Civilian Publications
Military Publications
Acquisition of Survival Gear

Projected Completion Date: 2 Feb 05
Actual Completed Date: 25 Jan 05

Phase 2: Expeditor 426 Research
Setting up a Workshop
Acquisition of Tool Crib Tools

Projected Completion Date: 2 Feb 06
Actual Completion Date: 2 Feb 06

Phase 3: Purchase of Expeditor 339
Purchase of Aircraft Parts
MRP Survey

Projected Completion Date: 14 Oct 08
Actual Completion Date: 6 Oct 08

Phase 4: MRP Survey Summary
Removal of parts from spare Beech 18
Interview with Quartermaster Glen Gibson

Projected Completion Date: 30 Aug 09
Actual Completion Date: 30 Aug 09

Phase 5: MRP Owasso
Purchasing of Parts
MRP Redditt
Installation of Tail Wheel
Removal of Fuel and Oil Tanks
Gauging Wire
Removal of Radio Antenna
Preparation for Transport

Projected Completion Date: 15 Sep 11
Actual Completion Date: 15 Sep 11

Phase 6: MRP Selkirk
Purchasing of Parts
Moving of Parts
Unloading of Parts

Projected Completion Date: 30 AUG 12
Actual Completion Date: 20 Oct 12

Phase 7: MRP Redditt
Wire Code Chasing, Electrical Component Location Map and Cockpit Clean Up
Making Stencils
Painting of Port Main Landing Gear Wheel Hub
Pre Fit Cabin Door and Emergency Exit Hatch
Securing of Aircraft
Rivet Count for Bulkhead 13

Actual Completion Date: 27 Mar 13

Phase 8: MRP Redditt
Remove Landing Gear and Flap Emergency Handcrank
Remove Old Attaching Hardware from Nose Door Assembly
Install New Attaching Hardware for Nose Door Assembly
Install Nose Door Striker and Lock for Nose Door Assembly
Remove Control Column
Remove Brake Reservoir
Remove Rudder Pedals and Brake Assembly
Pre-Fit Emergency Exit Hatch, Main Cabin Door and Door Scuff Plate
Remove Centre Control Pedesetal
Remove Sub Panels
Remove all electrical wiring
Remove remaining hardware above Cockpit Floor
Remove Duct Assembly Oil Radiator (LH and RH)
Remove Engine and other Control Cables
Remove Control Cables and Pulleys from Main Cabin
Remove Old Attaching Hardware from Cockpit Flare Mount
Install New Attaching Hardware for Cockpit Flare Mount
Remove remaing hardware below Cockpit Floor
Remove Pitot Static System and cap remaining lines
Remove Old Cockpit Floor
Drill out Damaged Panel aft of Bulkhead 10

Projected Completion Date: 23 Mar 14
Actual Completion Date: 23 Mar 14

Phase 9: Administrative
Alberta Aviation Museum
Canadian Museum of Flight

Start Date: 15 Mar 15
Completion Date: 30 Nov 15

Phase 10: MRP Janesville
Annual Inspection

Start Date: 16 Feb 16
Completion Date: 19 Feb 16

Phase 11: MRP Redditt
Initial Arrival
Initial Route Recce
Trim Grass away from B18
Detailed Route Recce
Starting Tail Cover Patch
Initial Move (Bugs)
Install Emergency Exit Hatch
Finish Tail Cover Patch
Finish Closing in Main Cabin Windows
Install Main Cabin Door
Move B18 to New Home

Start Date: 21 Aug 17
Completion Date: 25 Aug 17

Phase 12: MRP
Part 1 (aka 'The DriveEx')
Part 2 (aka ‘The Move’)

Start Date: 09 Jun 18
Completion Date: 22 Aug 18

Phase 13 - 15: More details to follow

Concurrent Activities

Projected Roll Out Date for Beechcraft 3N D18 S CA-218 C-GTTA: Fall 2022
Projected First Flight Date for Beechcraft 3N D18 S CA-218 C-GTTA: Fall 2022