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Phase 9 Details

Alberta Aviation Museum Association (AAMA)
Canadian Museum of Flight

Previous years were busier on the airplane restoration – granted. However, we did get some important things done, and I’d love to share them with you.


Really, it was quite a pleasant surprise when we were approached earlier in the year by Jean Luzon of the Alberta Aviation Museum Association ( with the question of what type of shape their Beech 18 is in, and would it be possible to look at options of putting her back into the air.

Opening up inspection panels and taking a great deal of photos – essentially, an initial inspection started not long after that. (At the very least, not only creating a potential starting point for us, but talk about a golden opportunity for all of us to build our Situational Awareness on an actual airframe!)

Starting the process!

Usually, when one is looking at an antique airplane in a museum, there is just the challenge of working on the airplane. Here – due the fact that that B18 is one of their more popular exhibits – we have the additional challenge of working around the public. (That way any work that we do doesn’t hinder the public’s experience.)

Definitely - I’d like to make the time right now to formally and officially thank Jean Luzon for this opportunity for both Professional Development for myself and the crew and the chance to preserve aviation history for the next generations! Thank You!!

Canadian Museum of Flight

On about the end of the year, we had the chance to travel over to the Canadian Museum of Flight ( , located in Langley, BC. What an experience, let me tall you!

For thrills and a really hair raising trip to BC, crossing near the winter time in the mountains was a very memorable experience. (Perhaps it wasn’t the best of choices to cross the mountains on the Trans Canada Highway near winter – boy did we learn that one the hard way!) Minimal visibility followed by a lot of snow and ice on a very twisty two lane road over a period of several hours really makes for quite the trip.

Usually when you arrive at a museum, you think that you what you can expect. Boy, were we surprised with their technical library and displays! (Their library was exceptional with both the amount and quality of technical manuals, and their displays were first rate!) Additionally when we were there, we had the opportunity to check their marvelous technical library and purchase several parts that they didn’t need – mainly B18 parts. Honestly, what made the trip was the very friendly and professional staff at the museum who went out of their way to make us feel welcome.

Many thanks from all of us at Time Travel Air!