Publisher Name of Publication Topic of Publication Effective Date Publication
Department of Transport A-100 Issue 1 Aircraft Type Approval 01 APR 70 TC Aircraft Type Approval Beech A-100 Issue 1 01 APR 70.pdf
Transport Canada AD 47-33-05 Horizontal Stabilizer Crack Inspection 01 NOV 47 47-33-05.pdf
Transport Canada AD 47-33-06 Elimination of Cracking in Stabilizer 01 NOV 47 47-33-06.pdf
Transport Canada AD 47-33-07 Alternate Static Source 15 OCT 47 47-33-07.pdf
Transport Canada AD 47-34-01 Nose Fuel Tank Cap Modification 01 NOV 47 47-34-01.pdf
Transport Canada AD 47-34-02 Tail Cone Modification 01 DEC 47 47-34-02.pdf
Transport Canada AD 47-34-03 Nose Fuel Tank Inspection Every 100 hrs of operation 47-34-03.pdf
Transport Canada AD 48-13-01 Generator Control Box Modification 01 JUL 48 48-13-01.pdf
Transport Canada AD 48-34-01 Stabilizer Bolt Inspection Next periodic inspection 48-34-01.pdf
Transport Canada AD 49-29-02 Control Linkage Inspection 01 DEC 49 49-29-02.pdf
Transport Canada AD 59-18-02 Fuel Line Inspection 15 OCT 59 59-18-02.pdf
Transport Canada AD 65-03-01 Elevator Hinge Lubrication Every 50 hrs of operation 65-03-01.pdf
Transport Canada AD 66-30-01 Moisture Prevention in Static Line 01 MAR 67 66-30-01.pdf
Transport Canada AD 68-23-06 Corrosion on Wing Truss 19 DEC 68 68-23-06.pdf
Transport Canada AD 72-16-02 Nose Landing Gear Fork Inspection 16 APR 81 72-16-02.pdf
Transport Canada AD 72-25-06 Nose Landing Gear Inspection 09 DEC 72 72-25-06.pdf
Transport Canada AD 75-27-09 Wing Spar Strap Inspection 21 AUG 80 75-27-09.pdf
Transport Canada AD 77-19-07 Control Column and Elevator Control Arm Inspection 29 SEP 77 77-19-07.pdf
Transport Canada AD 78-10-01 Prevent Failure of Lower Rudder Torque Tube 17 MAR 78 78-10-01.pdf
Transport Canada AD CF-63-08 Float Inspection Every 100 hrs of operation CF-63-08.pdf
Transport Canada AD CF-65-01 Front Float Strut Inspection Every 100 hrs of operation CF-65-01.pdf
Department of Transport AD CF-70-01 Approval for Restoration and Applicable Publications (Issue 1) 01 APR 70 CF-70-01 issue 1.pdf
Transport Canada AD CF-70-01 Approval for Restoration and Applicable Publications (Issue 2) 01 APR 70 CF-70-01 issue 2.pdf
Transport Canada AD CF-70-02 All Up Weight Restriction to 8750 pds 01 JUN 70 CF-70-02.pdf
Transport Canada AD CF-81-12 Wing Spar Strap Modification 01 JUN 81 CF-81-12.pdf

Reference Material:
Bristol Engineering Report 2227 (Refer to CF-70-1, Issue 1, Pg 2)

To Find Transport Canada's Listing of ADs:
  1. Click here to go to Transport Canada's CAWIS
  2. In the column on the left, click "Advanced Search"
  3. In the "Product" dropdown menu, select "Beech".
  4. Select the aircraft from the list. Relevant models are are 3N, 3NM, 3T, 3TM, and D18S.