The company was first started in 1999 with the idea of moving cargo, doing charter operations, and airshow performances all across North America in WWII aircraft, while doing so at today's competitive rates.

The types of aircraft that will be used to do this are 2 x former RCAF Beechcraft 18 (B18) D Models, which were commonly referred to as an Expeditor. Both B18 D Models that Time Travel Air own are post-war, and were in service from 23 Aug 1951 05 Mar 1970. During their combined 33 year career for the Royal Canadian Air Force, they had the following roles: service in: 402, 418 and 443 Squadrons, service in: Air Transport Command, Training Command, 2 Air Navigation School, 2 Air Observer School, Air Force Headquarters PT Flight, Air Force Headquarters TR Flight, CFFIS Portage la Prairie, Instrument Flying School Centralia, Flying Instructor School Moose Jaw, in addition to Communication Training, Light Transport, Navigational Training, Photo Reconnaissance Training, and Search and Rescue. Because of its multiple roles and successful service in the many different areas (and the rapidly changing Canadian weather), when the RCAF B18 D models were on active service, they had to have an extensive variety of safety features. For example:

These safety features have remained in our B18 D Models.

Our motivation for setting up our company this way is to merge both the inherent love of history and today's demanding standards for aviation in the company so that younger generations can have an appreciation for the sacrifices that were made during World War II.

We are proud members of the following organizations:

Air Force Association of Canada

Alberta Aviation Museum Association

Beechcraft Heritage Museum

Canadian Sport Parachuting Organization

Marine Corps Association

Rockcliffe Flying Club

Royal Aviation Museum

Shearwater Aviation Museum