Please note: These blueprints are quite old. They are provided for informatonal purposes only. Use at your own risk.

Specialised RCAF Tools

EO Number EO Name Name of Tool Page
EO 05-1-2AA Description and Mainenance Instructions: Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Storage of De-Icer Boots Peg Holder for De-Icer Boots 6
EO 05-1-2AX Description and Maintenance Instructions: Cleaning & Decontaminating Engine Oil Systems, Accessories and Metal Oil Tanks Attachment for Cleaning Oil Tanks 4
EO 05-45B-2F Description and Maintenance Instructions: Generator Installation Assist Tools Tool for Generator Retaining Nuts 2
Starting Retaining Nuts on Case Studs 2
Tightening Retaining Nuts 2
Running Down Retaining Nuts 2
EO 15-5A-2B Description and Maintenance Instructions: Magneto Scintilla Model SB9RN Vernier Drive Coupling Removal Magneto Vernier Drive Coupling 2
EO 15-5ADB-2 Handbook with Part List Magneto Model SB9RN Magneto Cam Step Locking Tool 4C
EO 15-30AA-2A Description and Maintenance Instructions - Installation of Counterweight Adjusting Screws Protection of Stop Nuts 2
EO 15-30AB-2F Description and Maintenance Instructions - Removal of Dome Retaining Nuts Hamilton Standard Hydromatic Propellers Clamping Tool 2
EO 15-35BA-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions: Landing Wheels Single Disc Brake Type Main Wheel Disk Teeth Template 4B
EO 15-65-5A/3 Special Information Special Tool Fire Extinguisher 2
EO 20-25DC-3F Repair and Overhaul Instructions: Direction Gyro Control Type S-3A/C and S-3B/C Plastic Brush Spreading Tool 7
EO 20-25EB-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions: Magnetic Compasses, AN5766-1, -2, -3, -4 Pivot Punch, Float Protection Cap 18
Card and Float Assembly Jig, Jewel Cylinder Burnisher 19
Adapter for Compass Turntable 20
Details of Magnetizer 21
Balance Stand 22
Artificial Field Stand 23
Compass Turntable 25
EO 20-25EC-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions: Magnetic Compass Models AN5766-3, AN5766-T3 and AN5766-T4 Card and Compensator Magnet Holder 3
EO 20-65-2A Description and Maintenance Instructions: Inspection and Lubrication of Tachometer Shafts Proper Alignment of Shaft 4
EO 20-105BA-2A Description and Maintenance Instructions: Tubes Pitot Static Model 952 (Type MA-1 and Model 855E) Pitot Tube Alignment Measuring Plate 4
Tip Rounding Tool 6
EO 35AA-10ARN7-2A Supplementary Maintenance Instructions Type of Paint for Radio Compass Loop 1
EO 40-1-13 Battery Charging - Rooms Electrical - General Equipment Required For Safe Mixing of Electrolyte 6 - 8
EO 40-5-5A List of Special Information Batteries - General Battery Sling 7
Battery Terminal Tool 9
EO 40-5EA-2 Description and Maintenance Instructions: Aircraft Nickel Cadmium Storage Batteries Type MA4, MA5, MA300H, CA-10N NiCad Battery Cell Pullers 33
EO 40-10BL-6A List of Field Modifications: Engine Driven D-C Generator Types 30E16-1-1A, 30E16-1-C, 30E16-11-C Spring Length Gauge 4
EO 40-15BB-3 Repair and Overhaul Instructions: DC Carbon Pile Voltage Regulator Part 1042-17-A Fixture for Removing Contact Plug 6
EO 40-90-10 Appendix A Appendix A Local Manufacture of Jumper Assemblies A-2