Engineering Order Library Cover Sheet

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Aircraft Publications
Expeditor Aircraft
Aircraft Engines Publications
Piston Type
Aircraft Instrument Publications
Armament Publications
Telecommunication Publications
Electrical Publications
Fuels, Lubricants, Fluids, Gases and Gas Cylinders
Finishes, Cleaners, Adhesives and Packing Materials
Safety Equipment Publications
Ground Servicing Equipment Publications
Tools and Shop Equipment
Metals and Treatments Publications
Rubber and Plastic Products Publications
Quality Control Publications

One (of the many) necessary pieces of kit that are required when you are doing Restoration work are the proper maintenance manuals. The issue here is that there simply isn't a definitive publication that lists all the publications that are required to fix (and continually maintain) a former RCAF Expeditor and all the systems (and parts) that are on board. So, after a lot of research, the following Engineering Order Library was created.

At this present point in time, all of the publications that are currently available to TTA have been added to the Engineering Order Technical Library. However, I'm sure that people will notice that we don't have all the publications required for all of the systems (and sub-sytems) that were installed in the RCAF D Model. When we are able (or, more accurately, lucky) to find more of these publications, they will be posted up in the Engineering Order Technical Library. At times, we have been asked why we are releasing so much of this data. It's a rather old fashioned notion, but the notion is that we - in the maintenance world (and especially the Beech 18 world!) are interdependent. If one of us fails, then - eventually - we'll all fail. And, considering how much time, effort, energy, money and work all of us have put into our airplanes, that's UNSAT. That's one - of the many! - reasons why so much information is being made available.

There are two things that we'd like you to remember, though. The first is that this Engineering Order Library is intended to be the definitive reference point for the Expeditor and her systems - and for no other aircraft. The second - and far more important point - is that these publications are old and are intended only for reference. Use them at your own risk.


U-01 Feb 56-CAIR Inspection and Maintenance Requirements (RCAF Expeditor Aircraft)-CAIR
U-18 Oct 60-List of Applicable Publications Expeditor 3-RCAF
U-06 Mar 62-Inspection and Repair of Expeditor Aircraft-RCAF
U-27 Nov 67-Maintenance Schedule-Primary Inspection Expeditor 3-RCAF
U-26 Jan 70-Numerical Index of Engineering Orders-CF
U-No Date-Airframe Technician - Expeditor-Central Trade Training School