Good Day, All.

Welcome to the Time Travel Air webpage – I hope your that both your visit is an enjoyable one!

On this webpage, you’ll find a great many things that have the potential to be rather helpful with regards to Beech 18 maintenance. (Specifically, tool blueprints, wing spar blueprints, and PDF’s of RCAF Engineering Orders, or EO’s – among many others.)

When you find these blueprints on the webpage, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to download them and access them free of charge. Now, this is a great deal of intelligence that’s being offered free of charge – what’s the catch, you say?

Quite simply, there isn’t any.

I’m rather old fashioned, and I deeply believe in treating people in the way that you want to be treated in return. I also believe that the maintenance world – in particular, the Beech 18 world – is interdependent.

If one of us fails, then – eventually – all of us will fail.

Parts are becoming harder to find, specialty tools are very hard to find now – all in all, it requires a great deal of searching and luck to find what we need for our Beech 18’s.

So, why not make the intelligence that I’ve got available for the Beech 18 world to use and benefit from? In essence - with this large amount of intelligence that’s available through this webpage – what I’ve tried to do is to create as much of a level playing field as possible for all of us in the Beech 18 world.

After all, the end goal is not just fixing our Beech 18's - and, that’s getting harder and harder to do these days! - but to keep our Beech 18's in the air for many years to come.

Please enjoy the fruits of my labour, and if anyone has any questions – or requests for intelligence – please don’t hesitate to ask!

Many thanks for your time.