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Another of the many pieces of kit (in an ever growing list of kit!) that's required when you are doing Restoration work are Reference Photos. (For a lot of good reasons - but also for the scenario when one just doesn't understand how that part 'somehow' gets installed in that location.) As with the Engineering Order Technical Library, another issue here is that there simply isn't a place to go to look up "Reference Photos" for an RCAF D Model B18 - or, at least, there isn't a place to go to watch one get a "From the Ground Up" rebuild. (Complete with all of her systems being put back in - including the older Navigational and Radio Equipment.) So, after a lot of searching through the photos that have been taken by TTA Crew Members over the years, it was decided that a Photo Collation Log for RCAF D Model Beech 18 photos was to be created.

Seeing that all of us have been working on this project for quite some time already, it is anticipated that it will take some time to properly collate all the photos that we currently have on file. And, in addition to the straight collation of the photos, what we're also doing is cross referencing each photo against the RCAF Maintenance Manual (EO 05-45B-2) and the RCAF Parts Manual (EO 05-45B-4). It is honestly felt that this level of cross-reference with the photos (specifically listing the Page, Figure and Item Number that the photo is referring to) will be of considerable help to those who have tough questions about a wide variety of potential topics. We ask for your patience as we are busy sorting through all this information, as this will take a great deal of time.

Much like the Engineering Order Library, there are two things that we'd like you to remember. The first is that this Photo Collation Log is intended to be the definitive reference point for the Expeditor and her systems - and for no other aircraft. The second - and far more important point - is that while these photos are recent photos of an RCAF D Model B 18, these photos are intended only for reference. Refer to them at your own risk.

Photos Submitted and/or Taken by

Pat Alber
Gunars Balodis
MWJ Balodis
Glen Gibson
John Hudson