Jump #21 / Beiseker AB / 6000 AGL / 27 Jul 13 / 15 seconds of free fall

Freefalling the act of jumping out of an airplane without a deployed parachute.

It is the ultimate leap of faith. This is not just a regular parachute jump with a static line this is a definitive statement about your beliefs and your life.

There is no turning back once you feel your fingers slip off of the wing strut all you have is your parachute.

And, most importantly your faith.

What people see as they track down and accellerate to terminal velocity or 140 km/h - is different.

Intellectually, I see the curvature of the earth. The brilliant deep blue of the sky which is a different shade than what you see on the ground.

What do I really see?

I see all the people that Ive known that have passed before me. I see all my triumphs and my regrets. I see the people whove helped me get this far in my life and to be able to make this jump.

Most importantly, I see my keeper, my guardian my on call angel.

Call me crazy, but in the middle of all of that insanity and the close balance of life and death and just before I pull the pilot chute I smile to myself.

Its not the adrenaline rush that gets me smiling, nor the thrill of a near death experience its the feeling of large, warm, friendly hug. I close my eyes when I feel it and I smile to myself

- and then I pull the pilot chute.

Jump #23 / Beiseker AB / Landing